lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Memories at my high school

One day at my high school we decided to create a singing group, and we sang pretty well, the song was one of the first songs of “voz veis”.

We talked with the singing teacher and He gaves us lessons, and We practice all the time and every single day, a friend of us helped us with the acoustic guitar and We prepared a show for the talent show of our school.

We were very excited, for sing there, We had  big dreams those days because We felt that We were the bests, but two days before the contest We were too nervous about singing in front of all the school and in front of all of our friends and We didn’t make it, at the very final moment We renounced and now I remember that and for me It was pretty  funny (:

Memories of my Childhood

When I was 5 years old,  I was a model  in a regional contest in 1996, called “Reinita Zulia” .I used to had long curly and blond hair, pink cheeks and green eyes.

We were like 30 competitors and most of my companions on the contest were cute, and we had weeks preparing ourselves to the final runway, working out, in events and other stuff.

The final runway was the best expirience of my life, and those days were the most happy days of my entire life, I recieved a band for a pretty face and at the finals, I got the third place.

My Dreams

Last week i had this weard dream about a movie i saw some month ago..

This movie is one of my favorites it’s call dear John.. my dream was that my boyfriend was a marine and i had to go to a mision for a year and we had to get in contac by letters...

But they were in war and many of his companions died; in the news they didn’t say who and his mom and I were crying thinking that he was one of them, we had days of agony thinking about it… until a day under a tree I was  thinking in and writing very sadly and he cames to me and give me a flower as if nothing had happen…

martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

The introduction (:

Hey, Welcome Here!

I am Maria Jose Bravo but you can call me Majo like all my friends, I have 19 years old and I'm studying Graphic design at URBE.

This is my best friend at URBE

Her name is Ledys but everybody calls her "Leda" However for me she is my "Gorrguita<3" 

      I like Rock music, I love Hippie style, reading books and writing poetry so much<3

My favorite movie is Dear John; I love to go out with my friends and go to the movies
My favorite dessert are brownies<3 and I die for hershey's chocolate

I don't like politics or religions because I don't believe in any of them...
I hate hypocrit and selfish people because They're fake

My dream is to get to know Iker Casillas "The Love of my life"

I love Linkin Park<3

My goals are to graduate with great notes and to live in Madrid-Spain near the soccer's stadium "Santiago Bernabeu" to meet all the seleccion of the Real Madrid *-*

And to finish this up I'd like to become a fashion designer :D

Byeee, I hope you enjoy my post and see yaa (: